The Society of Bastet makes its space available for private functions to its members. Such use is contingent on the conditions listed in this agreement.

During COVD-19 restrictions, this agreement will change and be modified based on Provincial Government restrictions.  As such, members will be asked to review this agreement in its entirety when booking the space each time, and electronically acknowledge having read and understood the terms and conditions as set out below for the safety and protection of all members within the space.

During this time, all loose toys will be removed from the space for safety precautions.  Members are encouraged to bring their own toys and equipment to reduce transmissions and cleaning Bastet equipment properly prior to leaving the space is mandatory to ensure the safety of all.

Please ensure you read the section on cleaning of the equipment at the end of the agreement as this is specific to COVID-19 restrictions that members must adhere to.

The Bastet space is available for rental under 4 general terms:

  1. By the hour
    For private use by small groups of bubbled people (no more than 5 planned to be in attendance). The first hour of rental includes one hour free (used for setup and mandatory cleanup afterwards).
  2. By the night/evening
    Rental by the evening would be suitable for a larger event. These will be limited to either 5 people or two bubble households as per government regulations.
  3. Partnered events
    Members have the option of, rather than renting for their own private party, in sponsoring a regularly scheduled event; decorating for a special theme; subsidizing cover for select individuals; other similar use.
  4. Community use
    At this time, we won’t be renting out for community use. Members are encouraged to host online meetings or discussions until restrictions have been lifted for COVID-19.

Signed rental agreements are required for every rental as government restrictions will change over time. A single agreement applies to regular or recurring rentals, including by the hour rentals, for one calendar year. Be advised that if you are no longer involved in a recurring event, you continue to be responsible as per the rental agreement.

Bastet reserves the right to change this agreement or to terminate it at any point.

Payment is to be made in full by e-transfer to prior to the event booking.  Because of COVID-19, members are asked not to pay by cash at the time of the event to reduce the spread of the virus, but by sending the e-transfer before the event takes place.


  1. Bastet is not responsible for any items lost, forgotten, or left by any individual or group.
  2. Applications will be considered for both occasional and periodic use as long as such use does not restrict the freedom of Bastet in planning and scheduling its own activities. An event reservation, though confirmed, may be cancelled by Bastet due to the booking of a major Bastet event, weather, or natural disasters. At this time, no refunds will be issued, but will be put towards another rental.
  3. Bastet reserves the right to have a member of its staff present at each event. Depending on the nature of the booking, and the anticipated use:
  • Events anticipated to have 5 or more guests must have a Bastet approved Dungeon Monitor on site
  • All events which are publicly advertised (including, but not limited to, online event postings such as on Facebook or Fetlife) must have a Bastet approved Dungeon Monitor on site
  • The renter is responsible for finding an approved DM for their event. Inability to secure a DM for an event does not excuse the renter from this responsibility; in cases where a DM cannot be found, the booking may be cancelled.

These conditions may be waved at the discretion of Bastet.

  1. Event activities must conform to the spirit of the Bastet house rules, and the Society of Bastet mission and By-Laws.
  • Individual house rules may be waived by renter, with the following exceptions:
    1. No drugs or alcohol
    2. No sexual penetration
    3. No scat or watersports
  1. Any advertising material must indicate that the event is not a Bastet hosted event, or is a special partnered event, as appropriate. If applicable, all advertising material must note that there will be special rules in place.
  2. Party specific rules must be posted on site, and Bastet DMs must be notified of these in advance.
  3. Granting permission to use the Bastet space does not constitute an endorsement by Bastet of the event.
  4. A minimum of twenty-four (24) hours is necessary for cancellation of a booking, or a refund will not be possible, and the rental fee will be charged.
  5. Renters are permitted to bring and use their own large furniture or equipment subject to approval by Bastet.
  6. Renters are responsible for arranging furnishings according to their requirements and leaving the space clean and configured as the space was found.
  7. No physical changes are allowed in the Bastet space, except for furniture rearrangement. Activities involving more than normal wear and tear on the facilities will not be permitted. Users will be held responsible for any and all damages as assessed by Bastet.
  8. Please place garbage in the receptacles provided.
  9. On the day of the event, notices or flyers announcing the users’ event, or use of the space, may be placed on the door.
  10. Bastet cannot provide storage space for users of the space. All personal items must be removed at the end of the event.
  11. Groups may serve food and drinks, but they must be taken with you when the event is over, including any refuse. Do not leave open containers of liquids laying around.  Empty the containers in the sinks, remove all bottle caps and put in the recycling containers provided in the designated areas of the space.
    • The Bastet canteen can be opened by arrangement with Bastet. Only Bastet approved volunteers may operate the canteen.
  12. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited.
  13. Masks – Members are encouraged to wear masks at the club while socializing and where possible, as well as washing your hands frequently. This should be encouraged to reduce the amount of time cleaning up afterwards of your bubble event.
  14. Cleaning of equipment – COVID-19 mandatory instructions – Bastet provides Lysol wipes to clean the equipment once play has been finished. Disinfectant spray is also provided, and members are asked to thoroughly spray all equipment they used during their event and leave on for 10 minutes.  Spray again lightly and wipe off with a paper towel that is provided and discard in the garbage cans provided.

All doorknobs, light switches must be wiped down with either the disinfectant or Lysol wipe.

All club equipment used, or you have come in contact with must be sprayed and wiped down.  These procedures are mandatory prior to you leaving the event, so be mindful of your time to ensure that all surfaces that you touch have been disinfected properly before you leave.

Do not remove any of the disinfectant or Lysol wipes from the club.  This will result in immediate termination of your membership should you not follow the COVID-19 cleaning practices.  Should the wipes or spray run out, please contact operations immediately so they can be replaced/refilled immediately.