I am frighteningly new. What can I expect from orientation? From my first party? What do I wear? How do I act?
First of all, welcome! At Bastet, we are pretty casual about most things. Wear what you like and act natural. Some people wear leather or latex or corsetry. Some people might wear street clothes. Basic black is always appropriate. Don’t be afraid to let people know you’re new. Most people are happy to share what they know with people who like to learn. Orientation night is run by a friendly member or two who will show you our space, read you our ground rules, give you an idea of etiquette and let you ask questions. There’s also some time just for socializing and getting to know both new and established members.

Do I have to be a member to go to a party, class or other event?
No! Guests are welcome at all Society of Bastet events. A member in attendance will be happy to sign you in and explain everything.

I don’t know any members. What do I do?
That’s perfectly ok! We get new members all the time! We do reccomend you go over the rules and attend an orientation but it isn’t mandatory. Drop in to any Saturday night play party, rope night, or school of kink class and tell the person working door that you are new!

I’m 18. Can I come to a party?
Sorry, friend, but you have to be 19 in Nova Scotia to sign a contract, so you have to be 19 to sign a waiver at the club. We’d love to see you there (and after your 19th birthday, of course!).

Do I have to play at my first party? Am I allowed to?
Nobody has to play at Bastet ever. If you want to (and someone wants to play with you), you can! It’s really as simple as that.

OK, so I know the rules say no drugs or alcohol. But what about pre-drinking? Can I smoke up in your parking lot?
For the love of all that is kinky, don’t. Alcohol, drugs and kink are a risky combination. Please don’t try it at the club’s space. People found to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will be asked to leave.

OK, so I know the rules say whatever, but I’m an exception, right?
Sorry, pal. Rules are rules and everyone must follow them, from the lowest slave to the Domliest Dom/me. If you see a rule being broken, please alert the DM on duty. If you feel the DM hasn’t adequately addressed your concern, please contact the Sheriff. We want the club to be as safe as possible for everyone involved.

You guys seem really cool! How can I help out? Thanks!
You seem pretty cool, too! We’re entirely volunteer-run, so there are always ways to donate your time and energy. Interested in volunteering? Email volunteer@societyofbaset.ca! We don’t say no to monetary donations, either! If you’ve got toys, gear or furniture you’re looking to pass to a good home, we might be able to adopt them, or raffle them as a fundraiser.

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